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Choice of PVC opening frames for the house or the replacement of the windows!

Blue Evolution 92

The bluEvolution 92 profile system is future-oriented, features state-of-the-art technology with a modern, realistic design. It is the new generation of world class profiles. The optimized profile of 6 chambers with a construction depth of 92 mm provides superior thermal insulation and excellent energy efficiency. Combined with a width of just 118mm, it gains solar benefits thanks to its high frequency light. It has environmental sustainability and is 100% recyclable.

Blue Evolution 73

BlueEvolution 73 meets all your needs for sophisticated window design: High-density surfaces not only make the profile extremely easy to maintain, but also offer extremely long service life.


The profile of the greenEvolution series with a construction depth of 76 to 94 mm, combines the highest energy savings with the innovative sealing technology at the highest level and is ideal for passive houses. Heat losses are reduced with the special optimized frame, which has a thermally improved sealing. In this new system, the new central hose in the frame has been completely designed and in combination with the triple glazing, we achieve the absolute thermal insulation.