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PVC Sliding Frames. Find frames suitable for windows and balcony doors!


The eDSF series is a smart idea, it is a versatile system of sliding frames, suitable for sliding windows and doors. The advantages of the series are the maximum flexibility, combined with a correct application. Based on a structural frame thickness of 76mm, this slim system impresses with its modern design, making it perfect for any setting and compatible with all profiles and glass technology of the Streamline series. Its thin thickness allows the existence of large areas of glass and gives a natural and aesthetically beautiful appearance. And the best part: the variety of colors available allows designers to unleash their creativity and use whatever architectural style they want.

• Frame construction depth: 76 mm • Sheet construction depth: 50 mm
• Thermal permeability coefficient Uf = 1.8 W / (m²K)
• Glass panes up to 28 mm