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Choice of PVC opening frames for the house or the replacement of the windows!

REHAU Euro-design 70

Euro-Design 70 ensures the best conditions for your new windows, while it is an economical choice


  • Structure thickness 80 mm for a finer elegance Low height with 117 mm for greater light transmission Glazing thickness 51 mm for installation of triple thermal insulation glazing
  • 7 chambers in the frame, 6 chambers in the sheet for high insulation
  • Perimeter tires for reliable protection from wind and moisture Third level of rubber (intermediate rubber) for the possibility of additional thermal insulation
  • With SYNEGO windows make your design ideas a reality: Glittering white, warm shades of wood with structured surfaces or with simple, modern designs.
  • Save energy thanks to high thermal insulation Enjoy quiet moments with the best sound protection
  • You feel safe with the -adapted to the needs of your home- burglary protection.
  • Shiny and clean windows thanks to the really glossy surfaces due to the unique high definition finishing material. Ecological awareness for the efficient utilization of productive resources.


GENEO offers you the best stability through the combination of our high-tech hardware with optimized profile construction and the integrated IVS reinforcement system. In this way the GENEO system achieves maximum values of up to 0.79 W / m²K – without thermal bridges – and reduces energy consumption by up to 76%.